I teach you to travel

We'll experience the local culture and natural landscape. I'll plan a bit, but leave lots up to magic too. If you get in a jam, I gotchu. We'll slow it down and take it all in. Schu Tours vary widely, but all include adventure and exploration so there's a fair amount of movement involved.

& meditate

If you think handstands are hard, come sit and be still with me. We'll work with the breath to calm the mind into a meditative state. We'll work on a lot of stuff, but it sounds kinda cheesy when it's written out. Handstands are super hard btw.  

& reconnect

Rest, reset, refocus, reconnect. That's a lot of R words. They are all relevant. Seriously though, Schu Tours is a perfect opportunity to make new friends, solidify current bonds, and reconnect with yourself.

Let's go!

I'm currently guiding travel adventures and meditation retreats in Mexico, Thailand + Nepal. Ecuador, Brasil + Jamaica are likely to be added to the list for 2018 too. Check back soon! 

Dreaming of a different country? Want something specific for your group? Send me a message and let me know what you're thinkin'.

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