My Journey

I started practicing yoga four years ago after a tough breakup. I soon realized the mental benefits of yoga far outweighed the physical. Each day that I practiced yoga and meditation, I felt lighter, happier, and more secure in my own skin. Yoga is so much more than exercise, it's a way to calm your mind and body by connecting movement to breath while creating more space to grow and thrive each day. Yoga is a path towards your true self. Yoga is a lifestyle that will elevate you to a higher consciousness and happier state of being. It's not about being flexible in body, but in mind.


I completed my RYT 200 hour teacher training in Nepal of 2015. I felt it was important to travel near to the birthplace of yoga, to gain knowledge and guidance from gurus living and breathing yoga for a majority of their lives. I was not disappointed.  I could not have received a more authentic eastern experience than I did with Rishikul Yoga Shala.  I think of my teachers often and aim to improve the global yoga sphere by contributing what they have passed on to me.


My motivation to teach stems from the changes I'd like to develop in myself and my community. With a heavy focus on meditation and awareness, I like to encorporate our knowledge of neuroscience and psychology in order to contsruct thinking patterns to better serve you each day. 

Constantly moving towards the truth, I'm striving for total authenticity in all actions, and self acceptance no matter the day's path. Yoga provides the tools to live simply, let go of expectations, accept changes as they come, and to carry on peacefully amid the chaos of life.

Let's Practice

Registered with the Yoga Alliance, I'm available to teach both meditation and asana classes, corporate & in home sessions, as well as workshops, retreats and festivals. I enjoy creating themes and crafting personalized lessons that focus energy inwards in order to ease our every day existence. I'm game  to collaborate or meditate. Let's flow together.

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