Land of Smiles - March 15, 2017

You're going to Thailand!

All aboard the Thai train! Congrats on cultivating a life of travel! I will tell you though, we're actually flying. We'll all take off from the Philadelphia airport on March 15th at 10:45AM with a connection in Doha before landing at BKK. We'll spend the night in Bangkok before hopping on a bus to FaaSai Resort and Spa in Chanthaburi where the Whole and Happy Retreat is hosted.

Getting There

Guess what?! We're flying on the best airline ever! Qatar airways is truly a treat and Doha airport is impressive. Don't dread the long flight, look forward to ways in which you can enjoy it. Download some podcasts, watch TV, bring comfy clothes to nap in, really anything to allow the hours to pass more comfortably. Here are some tips for surviving long flights.

Here are some packing tips for attending a retreat and spending a month in Thailand  & here's how I pack a carry-on bag. I anticipate bringing a hiking style backpack along with a smaller carry-on bag like a weekender, but you could certainly bring a rolling suitcase. You can check two 50lb bags for free. 

Prepping for the Trip

The good news is you don't have to do too much.  You're going to Thailand and it is going to be ahhhhmazing and easier than you could have expected. You should watch some travel docs, maybe brush up on the country's history and experiment with some languge in these next few months. Also make sure your passport and immunizations are up to date. I'll send out links and pertinent info as I think of it.

Oh yeah, Thailand is mega cheap! You won't spend much at all. Budget for $30 a day and be pleasantly surprised with how much money you bring back home with you.  Here's a link to a great travel insurance site if you're interested.

Whatchu worried about?

Do you have any questions? Any random thoughts keep popping up? Let me know! I'll add them to the F.A.Q. <-- check it out!

I'll book our stay in Bangkok soon. Do you have any dietary restrictions? Medical conditions? Anything I should know of?

WANT TO COME WITH? Cool! Send me an email and I'll give you more info!

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