Nepal FAQ

How do I go about buying travel insurance? I highly recommend this website. Estimates for any trip are quick and easy and the policy is clearly explained as well. Please be familiar with your travel insurance coverage before coming on the trip.

Should I exchange money before leaving? Nope! We can exchange cash after we leave the airport. Bring some cash with you to exchange and/or bring a bank card that you can use abroad.

Should I have a prepaid visa or international credit card, too? Nope. A majority of the time you can use your debit cards in ATMs abroad. Call your banks and let them know your travel dates before you go and check with them just to be sure.

How much money should I take? You don't need much. $200USD will be plenty.

Where will I keep my stuff during the trek if I'm planning on spending more time abroad before or after the trek? I can arrange a safe place for your luggage to be stored during the trek.

Do I need to arrange a bus or taxi before arriving and departing? Nope, we'll pick you up from the airport. 

How will I wash my clothes? During the trek you probably won't. You can wash them in the sink or have laundry done when we acclimatize in Upper Pisang, but everyone will be just as smelly as you so no worries.

What if I don't have any gear? I can advise you on what to purchase in your home country, you can borrow from your friends or you can rent or buy North Fake & other knock-off brands on day one in Kathmandu.

How many miles / hours will we hike each day? We'll hike a bit over a hundred kilometers during the trek. A rough average of six miles per day, sometimes more and sometimes less. We'll walk at a leisurely pace and spend anywhere from 4-7 hours on the trail each day.

I'm worried I can't do it. What do you think? Email me your specific concerns and we'll suss it out. Know that we can also arrange a porter (someone to carry your pack) for you at a small additional cost. Employing a porter is nothing to be ashamed of either, you're giving someone a fair wage for the week - it's pretty awesome.

What if I forget something? If it's crucial, we can find the essentials on day one in Kathmandu.

What kind of power adapter do I need? Buy something like this one.

Is water safe to drink there or is it 100% bottled water only? You want to drink bottled water or water that has gone through a filtration system. There are free, clean water sources occasionally, but most times we'll sterilize the water with iodine tablets or you can purchase bottled water.

Do I need to get a separate phone or is there WiFi during the trek? During the trek, you'll be cut off from the rest of the world. It's a beautiful thing. You can bring your phone to take photos, keep notes and listen to music, but you won't be using it to communicate.

Are there any special vaccines I need for Nepal? Talk to your doctor and check your home countries travel advisory website. It's always a good idea to make sure you’re up to date with all your routine immunizations.

Am I going to survive? You're going to thrive and you're going to have the experience of a lifetime.

Where do I sign up? Right here!

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