Trekking & Meditation in Nepal 

Nov. 26 - Dec. 6 2017


Never.Ending.Peace.And.Love. You'll hear that saying a lot and you'll feel it even more often with each smile, wave and namaste that you receive while in beautiful Nepal. Having traveled throughout six continents to dozens of countries, I can confidentially say Nepal is the most enchanting. You'll feel the magic as it is palpable. Beware, you'll visit once and long to return over and over again. Nepal is a country that speaks directly to your heart. 


Join us for daily meditation & remote trekking through the beautiful Annapurna mountain range. Venture over a hundred kilometers across pristine Nepalese landscapes in the presence of some of the world's tallest peaks. Traverse lush mountainsides, feel the mist of rushing waterfalls and sway on suspension bridges as you trek on the Annapurna Circuit. Experience the landscape shift from green to gray as you trek above the tree line and cross Thorong La Pass at 5,416 meters above sea level. Spot wild yaks, remote villages and the darkest skies you've ever laid beneath.


This trip is about expanding your consciousness and connection to self through nature and cultural connection, but it's also about giving back to the beautiful people who call Nepal home. Nepal's political history is chaotic, but fortunately up until the 2014 earthquake, the GDP per capita has been steadily increasing. The median monthly salary of a Nepali is about $250. Tourism has dipped dramatically because of the earthquake and for a country that relies heavily on tourism for income, that is a problem. A portion of your adventure fee will be used to donate school supplies as well as warm weather clothing and blankets to remote villagers in mountainous regions of Nepal.


set an intention during a guided meditation session before setting off on the trail for a few hours of trekking


stop for a relaxing lunch in a remote village & take a snooze before setting off again


stretch, rest and recuperate over warm tea and delicious Nepalese meals 


This trip is unique in that it is meant to be your own distinct experience facilitated and guided by a team of travelers and trekkers. Have you always dreamed of going on remote adventures, but you weren't sure exactly how to do it? This is your chance. Feel comfortable knowing that we're not here to sell you a packaged tour, but more to guide you on an adventure of a lifetime. You get to decide how many tea breaks to take along the way and we're here to fill your cup.


Once your deposit is paid, you're looked after from start to finish. Traveling abroad is exciting, not scary & we'll gladly show you that.  Once you're on the ground in Nepal, all meals, transportation, lodging, and other activities are included unless otherwise noted here. You're probably wondering what to pack, which flight to take and how to prepare. Sarah is here to help with all that.


 Hot showers cannot always be guaranteed, but warm, delicious meals and steaming tea are in high supply. The food will be traditional Nepalese trekking grub and you'll get to personally choose each meal. Dal baht, pastas, rice dishes, dumplings, soup, eggs and bread in all varieties are common and the cuisine will change slightly as you trek. Ever try yak or yak cheese? Now is your chance. The dessert is also truly something special, but I'll keep it a delightful surprise. I was a vegetarian during my trip in 2015 and I found it surprisingly easy to satisfy my hunger with a wide variety of foods throughout the trek. If you have a specific concern or dietary restriction, just let me know.


I bet you've never stayed in such quaint little village guesthouses (aka teahouses) in all your life. Most rooms have several beds, which means you have the option of sharing your space with a travel buddy or member of the team or going it alone. We'll spend lots of our spare time in common areas such as the teahouse restaurant or gathered around the fireplace and you're always welcome to stay anywhere that appeals to you, even if it's not with the group.


Of course you are. Most days require 4-7 hours of slow hiking. While the trail is rocky and steep in some areas, the hardest part for most trekkers is adjusting to the altitude. Everyone, but especially people with severe asthma, should talk to their doctors about this specific adventure. If you tend to have weak ankles and knees this trek will be harder for you, but many people of all ages and fitness levels have trekked the Annapurna Circuit and you can too.


Led by a world traveling photographer, yoga teacher and travel guide - Sarah has successfully completed the trek without a guide or porter during 2015. Since the age of 9, Sarah has completed hundreds of treks, climbs and backpacking trips on four continents.

Sarah is also teaming up with Mr. Tamang, an experienced, world class, local trekking guide she met on the trail in '15. Should you want any of the local culture and landscape explained or expanded upon during the trek, Mr. Tamang will be there to help.


Time : Ideally from the time your toes touch down in Kathmandu you would spend 13 days in the country. If you're under a time constraint, it is possible to make the trip a bit shorter and this can be considered and arranged on a case by case basis.

Cost : $850 per person

Book with a friend(s) and you'll each receive $50 off


Airport pick up in Kathmandu as well as ground transportation to & from trekking route.

All necessary trekking permits & accommodation while trekking including breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, water and tea. 

10 days daily guided meditation + trekking + nightly stretch sessions.

Hot springs recuperation in Tatopani & closing meal and hangs in Pokhara if time permits.


Airfare, Passport, Nepal Visa & Travel Insurance

Porters - Worried about carrying your weight? Porters are available at a very small additional cost, which means you'll only need to carry your daily basics like water, camera and sunscreen throughout the entirety of the trek. Take a load off and take comfort in knowing we fairly employ and insure local, trusted porters.

Here are a few other items that aren't included, but can easily be arranged for you.



Cool! I can't wait to have you hiking down the trail. 

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